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Landsharks Marketing LLC

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Landsharks Marketing LLC

Industry: Marketing and Advertising
Founded: 1985


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Landsharks Marketing LLC Reviews

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Tom Jackson
United States
IP: ***.**.**.30

6 month ago
Landsharks Marketing LLC has the very best Travel certs out there. The customer service dept is awesome. We never had a single complaint which is hard to find in this competitive world. This company delivers. I would highly recommend Landsharks Marketing LLC to any group looking to increase sales. These guys deliver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 3 day 2 night certs are awesome and the cruise offers are the best value we have ever seen. I can understand why they have a A plus rating with the BBB after 32 years in business and not a single bad thing out there. Great job Landsharks. Huge fan!

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