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Google Map of Scheelegatan 24, Vårby, 11228, Sweden
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Catapult Music Group

Phone: 999 922 6723

Scheelegatan 24
Vårby, Stockholm 11228


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3 year ago
I had to report them with the FBI for financial fraud.

I purchased the distribution service from them and my friends made some purchases which I double checked. However, Catapult is holding back my profits from sales and keeping money which is righteously mine.

Their financial system is fraudulent at the current time and their deduction is more than 80% from sales. They drop sold albums as a financial process and just keep money randomly from albums sold.

They are not checked or controlled by government and commit financial fraud in the transactions. I am currently sending a more extensive report to the Police and the FBI. What this company does is financial theft and purposefully dropping albums which have been sold and keeping the money.

It's similar to you giving your friend a number of albums and he sells a few of them but lies about how many he has sold.

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