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Alameda Health System Alameda Health System (AHS) is East Bays major public healthcare provider and medical training institution recognized for its world-class patient and family centered system of care. 

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Phone: 460 487 9140

1411 E 31st St
Mount Shasta, California 94602

United States

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Phil W.
United States
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5 year ago
Was refused my pain management yesterday and fed a load of lies. First I was asked what I think I have. ? The doctor suggested I may have something else yet no one is looking. When the doctor refused pain medication, my monthly normal script, she claimed she just could not write it because of new laws but this was not true. She claimed the hospital is not the place for pain management or chronic pain when in fact there is a pain clinic for chronic pain at Highland Hospital . I am 60 disfigured severely disabled and have medi-cal. I was left dizzy in disbelief when asked if I felt like hurting myself. Right, I'm sure they care. So do not know what to do while in serious osteoarithis pain not to mention a spur that has now cut over 80% thru in my right shoulder. When I asked when surgery is done the surgeon replied after the cortisone wears off. Well it has but you have to wonder what one has to do with the other. Btw, my rheumatologist yelled at me challenging my disbelief of having gout, his diagnosis which was wrong. Then the orthopedic yelled at me saying if they say it is osteo then that is what it is when I suggested I may have rheumatoid arthritis as well which is what the social security orthopedic believes. What kind of health care is this?! It scares the shit out of me! Oh yeah! And there is more. A mis, missed, and non-treatment years ago, gout. It was not gout! Refused health care altogether when seeking help a couple of years ago as I became disfigured in pain. I could go on...

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