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de Cristo and Co. Private Wealth Management

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de Cristo and Co. Private Wealth Management

Industry: Financial Services
Phone: 618 990 6372

29 Blvd de la Ferrage
Avignon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur 06414


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de Cristo and Co. Private Wealth Management Reviews

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A A Bhatty
United Kingdom
IP: **.*.**.173

9 month ago
I am a family member of Mr. Bhatty and confirm that these allegations are false and there is no truth to these allegations what so ever

They have been written by his own brother who is jealous of Mr. Bhatty's success to confirm this I am currently writing this from the family residence ( you will notice it is the same IP address)

His own brother has posted threats to Mr. Bhatty and I have email evidence of this which I can post and share, the Police have been notified, and Mr Bhatty is not blacklisted as I was with him in Dubai 4 months ago, and also in Asia where on business in Thailand.

Please pay no attention to these false accusations that have been made by his own jealous and malicious brother.

I have great empathy for Mr. Bhatty and feel sorry that he has a so-called brother who would write and try to ruin his reputation.

You will notice I am writing this from the family residence where his brother lives as I am visiting the family. The Ip address is the same- no coincidence.

David King
United Kingdom
IP: **.*.**.173

1 year ago
Kasa Bhatty is a man of no principles and decency, he has stolen over $100,000 from my clients, and to this day we have not been able to trace his whereabouts, his company Decristo & Co is claimed to run out of Monte Carlo, yet after much research it is a call center, much like one would operate in a virtual office.

We have mounted numerous operations in trying to locate him, but to no success, until recently, where he claims to be selling private jets, to high net worth individuals.

My warning if you do come across this, is under no circumstance deal with this person, he is a liar, a thief, and has no professional background or qualifications in the field of finance.

DeCristo & Co is a fake company operated by a scam, he has a criminal record in the UK and has already been blacklisted in countries such as Dubai, Thailand, and thankfully is currently under investigation for claiming to run operations out of Cannes, and Monte Carlo.

Alex S.
IP: ***.***.***.38

4 year ago
I have been a client of de Cristo and Co. from 2004 up to 2012 until the so called wealth manager, Mr Kasa Bhatty, disappeared on me three years ago. Since 2012 I have left numerous email and phone calls to the given contacts however I have not received a single feedback till today.
Obviously I have changed my advisor since such unreliable and unprofessional behavior is totally unacceptable.
I can only recommend not to make use of the services of this organization.

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