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Better Cost Control

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Google Map of 2274 Washington St
 , Rijswijk, 02462, United States
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Better Cost Control

Industry: Utilities
Founded: 2002
Phone: 243 505 7004

2274 Washington St
Rijswijk, 02462

United States

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Better Cost Control Reviews

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United States
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1 year ago
Good veneer - but not good people.
Tried to apply as affiliate but when you read the fine print - they want you to be totally controlled by them. I tried reaching their President Steve Garson via voice mail as well as email to discuss options - no response. Another company where upper management put out their 'we're here for you' - 'we want to hear from you' but they really don't. They just put on the veneer that they care . . . .and they do . . . . about MONEY and sales ONLY - not the people.
Would NOT recommend others (who have any decent work ethics) to work for them.

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