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Google Map of C/ Diputació 297, 3º 1ª
 , Sestao, 08009, Spain
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icontainers Get the lowest freight quotes from top carriers for ocean freight, air freight, including FCL shipping, LCL shipping, and groupage.

Founded: 2007
Phone: 160 653 2238

C/ Diputació 297, 3º 1ª
Sestao, 08009


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Yolanda Fernande
IP: *.**.***.5

3 year ago
Absolutely disgraceful service. We paid extra to have our things packed correctly and they left them as we had packed them. We know that because they told us to change the numbers on the boxes we had already packed and we had to go to the Barcelona port to check what had happened. They had left boxes in small crates we had lent the removalists to transport things before they 'supposedly' packed them. Nothing was packed, only plastic wrap was put around our things. We told them we were worried about damage. They said they were offering us free insurance but the insurance was already offered in the contract. Now in Australia, our things have been damaged and they refuse to accept the claim. We have photos and emails to these people and they refuse to do anything. I am warning people about using this company. We have been treated very badly by them. You are taking a huge risk if you use them. After writing to the supposed directors before leaving Spain and having our things damaged, we are still awaiting a response. .

Rick Shaver
United States
IP: **.**.***.163

5 year ago
The details of the deplorable service we received from iContainers are too countless and extreme to enumerate here; suffice it to say that in over 35 years of business I have never felt the need to write a bad review of any company. My hope in posting this is not to damage this company rather to steer others away from the terrible service we received from iContainers which was not only frustrating but caused additional storage charges to be incurred due to their ineptness.

IP: ***.**.***.130

5 year ago
We had a very challenging experience with iContainers. We were given quotes that did not match what we were ultimately charged. Shipping times are extremely exaggerated and response times to customers are extremely slow and sometimes nonexistent once they have taken possession of your HHGs. The response times directly correlate with storage fees. If you are shipping household goods please select another company and save yourself the headache. The worst part of the experience was that once we paid for the shipping and to have our car title validated, they held our title hostage until they received the additional fees they charged. We were left with no other option but to pay the fees, which were 50% more than quoted or forfeit our car and belongings. This is a nightmare company to deal with. Additionally, we were first told that we would have no storage fees for 2 weeks. When we canceled our 2nd shipment (in light of the horror of shipping the first) they tried to charge us $900 and said that they were 3rd party fees. When we contacted the 3rd party warehouse to switch our Freight Forwarder, our charges were zero. What a scam!

Conversely, we dealt with CH Robinson for our 2nd shipment and had no problems at all!!! All was as quoted, they were easy to deal with and promptly responded to all correspondence with us. Our items also shipped as promised and their process was straightforward. Do yourself a favor and don't use iContainers. You will regret it!

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