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Atlanta Education Management Reviews

The ReddRaven Group

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Google Map of P.O. Box 20042, Atlanta, 30325, United States
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The ReddRaven Group

Industry: Education Management
Founded: 2009
Phone: (404) 386-3241

P.O. Box 20042
Atlanta, Georgia 30325

United States

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The ReddRaven Group Reviews

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United States
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2 year ago
Be leary of this company being organized and working for them after an offer has been received by them. You will either be interview by Pamela Redd and/or Raven Slade. Both of these people are SalesForce and Captivate trainers/managers. So if you are interviewing for something other than their forte I would be leary. From what I can gather on in this instance, they were hired into a contract before the training was decided. It was an Oracle EBS project. They were hoping to sway the client to use captivate and when the client go the other way. In my opinion, they begin their phishing to contractors for information and I am sure to either find cheaper contractors or to buy time to sway the client back to the Captivate app where they can make the money. That is fine as a business person you want as much profit as you can, but to knowingly they email and.or verbally tell several contractors (verifiable), that they are hired and string them along with all kinds of excuses as to why you are not receiving the hard copy contract to sign. You hear oh it will be another week, or the client has now slowed down, the client does not think they really need that much training, but we will get that contract going next week... ReddRaven Group are really stuck in the middle with their hands tied. All along another contract company has been working on closing the training SOW. All questions need to be deferred to the other contractor that is over the Oracle upgrade. Instead of being a professional company, they would prefer to keep you on the hook for weeks and tarnish their reputation. Of course as a contractor, you better be looking to procure work somewhere else because at this point they have gone AWOL on you.

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