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Titan Telecom

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Google Map of Universal House
 Longley Lane, Pemberton Wigan, M22 4SY, United Kingdom
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Titan Telecom Titan Telecoms are the UK's leading telecoms provider of business phone lines, calls and business broadband for small businesses.

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Industry: Telecommunications
Founded: 2007
Phone: 689 432 4129

Universal House Longley Lane
Pemberton Wigan, Lancashire M22 4SY

United Kingdom

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Titan Telecom Reviews

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United Kingdom
IP: **.***.***.178

5 year ago
Do not be tempted to enter an agreement with this company by the cheap line rentals because you will pay back via sky high termination charges. I assure you they will go to all lengths to try and get it from you. If you cease to trade for any reason, you will have to ask a lawyer to say that you have 'no intention' of trading', they accept nothing else as they 'won't take your word' for it and if you trade under a company, you will have to strike off the company at their speed (a month if they could get away with it, bearing in mind you still have to prepare final accounts, submit returns, apply for strike off etc etc) Titan will not wait, the will apply the termination charge and you have an outstanding invoice then they use that to prevent you from striking off the company so you can't prove you have ceased trading in their books. So you go round and round in circles, hounded by calls explaining the same thing over and over again. It's no use, the only way to make them disappear is to pay the hefty fee or face legal action. That is how they work, AVOID AT ALL COST!!! Be warned.

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