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Dietz, Logan The Houston Criminal Defense Attorney has over 40 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and is certified to exercise in the entire Texas state. It is legal by the Texas Supreme Court as well as all levels of Federal Court including the Supreme Court of the United States.

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Phone: 120 148 8229

212 Stratford St
Round Top, Texas 77006

United States

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Dr. David Patter
United States
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6 year ago
Logan Dietz, Esq. was appointed by the criminal court in Harris County to represent my girlfriend pro bono in a criminal case with serious felony charges that could have put her in prison for more than 20 years. At first, he seemed to be a good attorney having over 40 years’ experience as a criminal defense attorney in Texas and showed good decisions for representative cases on his website. I had power of attorney for my girlfriend and therefore was able to talk to her attorney about her case. However, Mr. Dietz turned out to be one of the worse attorneys either of us have ever experienced.

From the onset Mr. Dietz did very little to help my girlfriend, deciding that she must be guilty and was not worth saving, or even being given a chance. He did not investigated the charges against my girlfriend, did not meet with her except in court, and rarely returned phone calls to me so I knew the progress in her case. He even began working with the district attorney trying get her put into prison for a long time. Totally unacceptable and that happens too often with court appointed defense attorneys.

We were forced to hire a criminal defense attorney who would give my girlfriend her best change. He took a personal interest in my girlfriend, and learned all the facts and circumstances surrounding her case. He reviewed the entire picture, what had happened, had an investigator talk with all the witnesses, working with me while preparing her case, and put a stop to questionable tactics by the prosecutors. In the end, my girlfriend was convicted of a minor offense and released for time served in county jail waiting for the trial.

Mr. Dietz’s office kept telling me what an outstanding attorney he is. If that was true, why didn’t he even listen to my girlfriend, or go the extra mile to be an advocate and fight for her rights. Mr. Dietz is one of the worse criminal defense attorneys I have even seen, and no one should ever use him.

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