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Hart Food Products

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Google Map of 14905 Paramount Blvd, Hooversville, 90723, United States
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Hart Food Products

Industry: Food and Beverages
Phone: 389 976 3908

14905 Paramount Blvd
Hooversville, 90723

United States

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Hart Food Products Reviews

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Francis Seiler
United States
IP: **.***.**.241

3 year ago
We purchased Hart's Tereyaki Chicken, package, The packagel listed three packets of Sauce's but package only contained one packet. we tried to make it with one packet but it tasted terrible. It was not what we expected. The whole dinner went into garbage!!! We returned product to the store where we purchased it and was told to report it on your website. since we opened and used the product they did not offer a refund nor did they offer a replacement. We are wary to purchase any other Hart Product

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