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Google Map of 2000 - 10235  101 Street
 , Stony Plain, T5J 3G1, Canada
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Field Law A western and northern regional business law firm, recently voted as a Top 10 firm in Canada and member of SCG Legal.

Phone: 260 870 8041

2000 - 10235 101 Street
Stony Plain, T5J 3G1


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6 year ago
Excellent. All phone calls and emails were returned the same day. However, normally I was able to get through to my lawyers paralegal, who was able to answer virtually any question I asked. She was so competent that I was fairly sure she was a lawyer herself. She's not. My lawyer always kept on top of what was going on with my case. He's very patient. He listens well and remembers better. He explained things in terms I could understand.We won my case in mediation. It worked out very favorably.
I can contrast Fields Law to the lawyer I originally hired. He did not return my emails or my telephone calls once I had signed on with him. If I was able to get a hold of him, he was not aware of the standing of my case.His paralegals were not allowed to answer any client questions. I also didn't like that he gave out my personal information, without my permission, to a mail order pharmacy that called me to see if I would like their services.I fired him and hired legal representation from Fields law. It was the best decision I could have made. Every member of Fields from the receptionist to the lawyers demonstrated compassion, capability, and attention to detail. They obviously enjoy their work and they are good at what they do.

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