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Google Map of 7075 Robert Joncas Place, Valleyfield, H4M 2Z2, Canada
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LULU Software

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Founded: 2010
Phone: 115 401 4968

7075 Robert Joncas Place
Valleyfield, Quebec H4M 2Z2


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miserable produc
United States
IP: ***.***.***.195

4 year ago
I am using an apple mini mac i7 512 ssd with 16 meg using parallels.com to run office 365 on windows pro7 (2nd apple for this config) and a canon image class 4570dn scanner. For which i bought Soda 5, but was graciously updated to Soda 8 by the company---yet to figure that out.
So then i discover that Soda 5&8 left out the drivers to my canon scanner. Soda just said it was a mistake on their part and they are working on fixing it as fast as they can. Just how long do you need? This should be a simple patch.
In the meantime, i was told to use MF Toolbox. Would someone from Soda contact me as to how to do this while i wait for my Canon drivers?

I have called and emailed and even writtten you and all to no avail. You act like i don't exist except to selll me more updates.

It may not do me any good, but i am building a file on you and i am gping to go to the attorney general of the state of tx and complain about you. I am also going to call the Canadian Consulate in TX. And they are right here in Dallas. I can take Uber to go see them and i will. I have just left them a long telephone explanation of how you have treated me. My next move is to go see them . WE are in the same zip code and they are only 1.2 miles away. I can take uber or park at the dallas museum of arts and go see them......bob bagley 972.285.5474 [email protected]
Thank you

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