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Coffee Cup We are a disappearing breed of eatery offering an authenticity that Dennys can only dream of. Places like Coffee Cup are why the phrase

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Industry: Restaurants
Phone: 732 865 7333

1446 Rice St
Goodview, Minnesota MN

United States

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Coffee Cup Reviews

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United States
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3 year ago
Great place for breakfast. It's true the portions are beyond huge to have breakfast, lunch and have left overs for dinner too. I love this place. I have gone to the Coffee Cup for at least 16 years and the food is the same it was described to me way back when. Jimmy is a great owner and I love this food. This is a true diner and has been in the same place forever. My favorite is a Denver omelette and French toast is awesome too. My grandfather has been to the very first one was back in the 50's.

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