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Rull Bros Propane

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Google Map of P.O. Box R1032 S. Washington, Highland Park, 62014, United States
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Rull Bros Propane

Industry: Consumer Services
Founded: 1949
Phone: 982 175 5939

P.O. Box R1032 S. Washington
Highland Park, Illinois 62014

United States

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Rull Bros Propane Reviews

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Duston Skinner
United States
IP: **.***.**.65

5 year ago
This company is small and will try to add finance charges and tank lease charges any chance they get. These extra charges will not be disclosed until they have their tank at your residence. The bills they send are not itemized so you really don't know what you’re paying for but rest assured you will see finance charges! Avoid at all cost and go with a bigger more well know company.

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