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Google Map of Suite 115, 1925-18th Ave NE , Calgary, T2E 7T8, Canada
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Founded: 2003
Phone: 882 376 5272

Suite 115, 1925-18th Ave NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 7T8


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3 year ago
I have dealt with this company for about a year. I had my website and security done by them. Their staff seemed quite knowledgeable and always polite. Unfortunately the management was terrible to conduct business with. It was constant back and forth until I finally cut all ties. Once this happened, I had received threats of lawsuits and my clientele also received phone calls. I am a small accounting firm and could not afford to file a lawsuit at the time. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Don and Abe seem to think bullying smaller companies is ok.

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5 year ago
Had the worst experience with this so called "professional" Corporation.
Ordered a website for my new Company with some basic security features from them and after 2,5 months and payment of over $ 7000.- got nothing useful. The website was not able to securely connect with simple membership programs. The owners Don Laursen & Abe Ismail are totally incompetent and not capable to honour an agreement with customers. If you value your money, stay away from them. From the start (negotiating) the price for the finish and working website, to the end (usage) of product was a catastrophe experience. I could not use any part of the delivered product.

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