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Kittrell Paycard

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Added: 4 year ago | Views: 1592
Kittrell Paycard

Industry: Financial Services
Phone: 345 713 8835


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Kittrell Paycard Reviews

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Robert Kinderman
United States
IP: ***.***.*.0

3 month ago
Started off pretty good had a few bumps in the road with kittrell paycard then I got the run around about an accidental charge from the hotel my company put me in an pays for. The hotel needed my card info for damages ect. On February 13th 2018 I was charged by accident twice an the hotel retired the money but the people at kittrell customer service wouldn't return my money in my account till they got a merchant number.. Funny cause this very thing happened to every guy I worked with an returned in 2 business days but not kittrell oh no. No merchant number no money just that easy for them to scam you put of your hard earned money. Now they did today April 30th 2018 try an tell me my $547 was returned the next day an tried to lie about the merchant number but the hotel still has the fax info stating they need it to return my money an now they claim they have but no record of it being returned. I don't recommend this kittrell paycard to anyone for they too may fall victim to a money scam. Now its time to lawyer up an toss 25% interest daily

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