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Phone: 951 780 6229

1241 East Dyer Road
Los Angeles, California 92705

United States

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Pamela Appleton
United States
IP: ***.**.*.130

5 year ago
My privacy was violated when MEDxm called my son without my permission to schedule a wellness appointment. He is listed as a emergency contact under my Molina policy. The caller identified themselves as a Molina employee and left a phone number and an agents contact name for me to call. I called the agent back and left a message telling her not to continue such contacts to me or my son. A wellness check is not by any standards considered an emergency. I am livid that any company could go around my rights to make my own decisions while still fully able to make them myself. My son was disgusted that they could presume to make such a call. I have cancelled my Molina policy. I had a "do not call me for any reason" note put on my ID# with Molina in the middle of October because I was being called by them (or someone representing themselves as them) 2-3 times a month with reminders that I don't need. When I called Molina to make sure that note was clearly visible to any agent who might make calls to me, the agent that was from Molina assured me that they had not made the call, thus honoring my request. Before I made the request in October for the note on my Molina account had I called my doctor to see why they were still calling me when I had asked them to let me make my own decisions about when I would have preventive tests, etc. They told me that any calls of that sort were not coming from them and apologized for that invasion of my privacy.
I am completely disgusted that any agency could be so invasive as to ignore multiple requests by me to allow me to make my own decisions about my medical care.

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