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Somerville Computer Software Reviews

ActBlue Technical Services

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Google Map of 366 Summer Street, Somerville, 02144-3132, United States
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ActBlue Technical Services

Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 2009
Phone: (617) 517-7600

366 Summer Street
Somerville, Massachusetts 02144-3132

United States

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ActBlue Technical Services Reviews

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United States
IP: ***.**.***.48

3 year ago
I made a one time donation to actblue of $25, I have noticed that ActBlue has been dinging my credit card for various amounts.
I had 4 dings for $19 about 5 for $25 one for $40 one for $10 and about 6 for $4. All this charges were not authorized by me nor did I have any knowledge that they were helping themselves to my credit card.
I have e-mailed them to no avail and when you call their number you just get a recording.
This is fraud and theft on their part and i am furious that they would do this to unsuspecting potential political donors.

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