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Cellular Solution Inc.

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Google Map of 81 Zenway Blvd, Vars (Ottawa), L4H 0S5, Canada
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Cellular Solution Inc.

Industry: Telecommunications
Phone: 601 152 9740

81 Zenway Blvd
Vars (Ottawa), Ontario L4H 0S5


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Cellular Solution Inc. Reviews

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4 year ago
Cellsolution is a broker who serves my company for our corporate rate cellphones. Offered a port-in credit, they've given me the run around in order to get the money, and after 3 years I still don't have the credit, meant to be an incentive towards the hardware. They've advertised that all their rate plans include very attractive features such as reduced roaming rates, and low overage costs. When you try to choose a plan however, these features do not appear. They took more than a month to reply to numerous emails, and finally leave it at "those features are no longer available". Now reaching out to the better business bureau and Bureau of Competition of Canada, these issues will have to go higher. Overall, for the last 3 years I've been chasing them for things they'd promised, and still getting the run-around.

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