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Nova Energy

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Google Map of PO Box 404, Whakatane, 3158, New Zealand
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Nova Energy Nova Energy is a New Zealand owned and operated company, providing great value energy for Kiwi families and businesses

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Industry: Utilities
Phone: 699 826 9751

PO Box 404
Whakatane, Bay of Plenty 3158

New Zealand

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Nova Energy Reviews

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disgruntled cust
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3 year ago
Just been with them for 4 months and they have advised they are increasing my bill by approx 16% and changed to standard pricing.

Their website pricing for new customers signing up is the same as what they had me to believe and when I spoke to their service desk they said new customers get the rate advertised but existing customers we can put prices up as required!

So be aware they hook you in with a price and then a few months later increase it!

This is also being passed to the Commerce commission and EGCC for complaint

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