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Google Map of 6355 Kennedy Road - unit 26, Waterdown, L5T 2L5, Canada
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Phone: 136 587 5187

6355 Kennedy Road - unit 26
Waterdown, L5T 2L5


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Zara Arif
IP: **.**.***.172

2 year ago
Hired them for 2 days, cancelled 1 day due to a death in fam, they were understanding about it. Also, it was a Mon event. The footage for 1 of the camera was lost. After sending a lot of emails, they informed me of the lost footage n promised a full refund. Months later, I dint see sight of my movie n when I received it, it was v poorly edited. I requested the corrections to be made and for highlights (originally part of the contract). This is where the trouble started. They believed that offering a refund justifies the loss.
After weeks of exchanging emails, I was frustrated. My emails were rude (no cussing) n I updated a status on my private social media about contacting a lawyer.
After 2 years, I finally got an app w/ them to discuss the resolution. This is when my status was used against me and $1,000 of the refund should be retained if I want the corrections to be made. By that time, Iwanted to get it over so I agreed to the terms.
Bottom line, no concept of customer service, intimidating your client? making them feel bad about speaking ill about them coz u screwed up to begin with. I understand it was not intentional, the issue was how it was handled. The response I got to that was; “this is not a customer service-oriented industry.” review would have been different if this was handled with a little empathy. keeping in mind that losing half the footage does not give me the product I was promised. You’re missing the POV of one camera no matter how you edit it, the product won’t be the same. To explain to me that you still had to pay for labour even though u promised the refund. Retained half the refund money and spent an hour more on my highlights and delivering it ten minutes drive away, does not make amends. Then asking me to delete the review on my social media. They fail to put themselves in your shoes. It was my wedding, I think we lost the most? But they worried too much about themselves and the image of the studio. Unbelievable.

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3 year ago
This company is very unprofessional. They took full payment upfront but showed up late to all our events, to the point they missed one of our pre wedding events completely due to "traffic". They forgot about things we had discussed in advance and didn't have them done at our reception, so we were getting family members to fill in. They tried to give us less product than was guaranteed to us in our contract, we had to argue with them for it. They also tried to get us to pay more after our wedding was done before giving us our pictures and video. Completely unprofessional and difficult to work with. Don't trust them with your special day, they have no understanding of what it means to the people getting married.

Faizal Khan
IP: ***.***.**.253

3 year ago
I would strongly advise against this " company". Just a bunch of typical brown guys. Ghetto and so unprofessional ! For some reason they feel they can charge $15000 and show up late for event.

I cannot stress how unprofessional they are! The ring leader zaka was the worst! Takes weeks to respond to an email, never return phone calls and for some reason saying "we're crazy busy" is acceptable for these bunch of clowns.

They sent videos and pictures of the wrong couple. I'm not even kidding. Don't risk your wedding with these unprofessional, lazy and just plain below average bunch of goofs.

Finally got my wedding pictures and videos 19 months later. You've been warned.

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