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Selling Timeshares Inc.

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Selling Timeshares Inc.

Industry: Real Estate
Phone: 646 811 6168

1900 N. Loop Rd.
Alameda, California 94502

United States

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United States
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3 year ago
Unfortunately, I have been in the process of purchasing 3 timeshares from Samuel Rodriguez from this company. I have been very adamant about the fact that I wished to have frequent communications regarding the current status of my purchases. NONE! He is completely absent from the transactions. And, again, even though I have communicated to him that it is EXTREMELY important to me to have frequent communications, he is non-responsive unless I dog him to death! I am to the point of requesting a cancellation and full refund of my deposits, since I do not feel that I should have to hound an agent to purchase property. And then supply him with a nice commission for not being a responsive agent!!!

This is, by far, the absolute worst real estate transaction in all of my 62 years of personal home buying, and 3 prior timeshare purchases.

Also, I'm a licensed real estate broker, though not in timeshares.king

I would never consider treating any of my clients in the manner I have been treated, particularly after someone made such specific requests to always be in the know about the status.

I am absolutely baffled as to why this agent is not able to honor this request.

I would ABSOLUTELY NOT recommend this company at this point in my relations with them.

I am very sorry I have to deal with them any more.

I would much prefer a refund of my deposits, thereby avoiding any future dealings with this company


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