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 , Greenbelt, 21401, United States
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CNR First Insurance Services CNR First Insurance Services is an independent insurance agency representing top rated carriers, we can help you find the best Maryland insurance for you particular needs. Contact us for more information.

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Founded: 2001
Phone: 368 366 4425

166 West Street
Greenbelt, Maryland 21401

United States

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Stephen & Kim Ow
United States
IP: **.***.**.12

6 year ago
On Aug. 12th we had the unfortunate situation where we had heavy rain and our home had a sewage back up where our basement was under 8" of sewage. We called Erie Ins. at CNR and with their polite & quick response, we had an adjuster here within 36 hrs. They made our struggle with this awful situation easier. The clean up started immediately with the removal & repairs. Even though it took about 6 wks to be back to normal, Erie employees & adjusters were here the whole way with us. Couldn't be any more satisfied with Erie Ins. Two thumbs up on prompt courteous service. Sincerely, Stephen & Kimberly Owens

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