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The Maintenance Team

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The Maintenance Team The Maintenance Team (TMT) of Charlotte, NC, employs a full range of service technicians, eliminating many of the inefficiencies caused by using multiple service providers. With one phone call, TMT provides you with a single source solution for commercial property maintenance, streamlining projects

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Phone: 768 206 9347

4015 Shopton Road, Suite 400
Spindale, North Carolina 28217

United States

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Susan Klepch
United States
IP: ***.***.**.98

4 year ago
In my few dealing with "TMT" I find that hey are really disorganized and lack skills in every aspect of Heating and Air. The dispatchers are arrogant and you cant get a straight answer out of any of them. The technicians are dirty and very unprofessional. Including management. I strongly advise against using them for anything, You will get charged for everything from paperwork to staples. I got charged for a tech sitting in his truck for 2 hours doing nothing! $90 per hour!

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