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Buckeye Legal Funding, LLC Get the cash you need to stay afloat while your lawyer works on your personal injury case. NO RISK: Pay us back only if you win! Its easy and fast. Apply now.

Industry: Financial Services
Phone: 118 520 1517

23240 Chagrin Blvd.
Paulding, Ohio 44122

United States

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Buckeye Legal Funding, LLC Reviews

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United States
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10 month ago
This company is EXTREMELY! Unprofessional! My case worker was Rachel (if you get her as a case worker RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!) she would never answer the phone or return my phone calls. The only time I would get a response from her was threw emails and they would only be one or two word replies. I did get approved by buckeye for a loan for the fraction of my request. And was sent the contract. I told Rachel I would not sign the contract because it would be fraud for me to do so and her response was "you need to have your lawyer sign the contract now" they try to set there contract up to where they can sue you if you loose your case. You are not allowed to receive food stamps owe child support or have other legal cases where you owe and receive money but they try and hide all of that in the fine print. People who are seeking these loans are probably on some kind of assistance because of hard times do to an injury and I am one of them. If I where you I would run far far far far far far far far far far FAR! Away from buckeye legal funding! I need the money BAD! And I refused there BS contract! I ended up going with peachtree leagal funding and they where able to get me approved for a much larger amount the buckeye they are very professional and actually pick up the phone and call you!
My advice stay away from buckeye and stay far far far away from Rachel off you do choose to do business with there company

United States
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10 month ago
My advise to anyone needing legal funding, don't use this company. I had the worst experience with them. They don't follow up with you on your case. My case manager was Rachael . When I initiallty applied she would respond in a timely manner. After my information was received from my attorney's office and went to the underwriting department I was told that I would receive a decision in 24 hours. One week went by without getting a redponse from anyone.
I was being completely ignored by them. I spoke with my attorney on this matter and he sent me to Momentum Legal Funding. They are true to there slogan, cash in as little as 24 hours. To be honest I received my cash in less than 24 hours (12 hours). They were extremely professional and showed compassion towards my situation. My advice is to run and run fast from Buckeye Legal Funding. Please take heed to these negative comments and individual's experience. They have more negative comments on here than positive one's. Also notice how short the good reviews are for Buckeye Legal Funding.

Leslie B
United States
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11 month ago
Don't waste your time. NO SERIOUSLY DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. No return calls, no one knows what's going on. "Fast" is a lie DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

I applied someone texted and emailed processing application could take 24 to 48 hours. Called three days later and they say oh we didn't get requested documents. I said we'll do you have the right contact information of course they didn't. Called my attorney verified documents ready to be sent they say yes still no request from Funding company. Call them back, text, and email still nothing.

Kendall Nordstro
United States
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2 year ago
Please dont use Buckeye if you need presettlement money. They are disorganized incompetent rude and tormented me through the entire process. They gave me a fraction of my case value and I wish I had used another company. Stay away from Buckeye!

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