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Google Map of Itämerenkatu 11, Helsinki, 00180, Finland
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Founded: 2010
Phone: 637 584 1935

Itämerenkatu 11
Helsinki, Uusimaa 00180


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4 year ago
SUPERCELL, "the greedy company" hire a BPO called TELUS based in Bulgaria to exploit their customer service for their videogames, such as Clash of Clanes or HAy Day. Whilst 2015 was profits record to tthe company (2,9 billions), thanks of course the effort their human team, SUPERCELL share with them amaximum of 15 m dollars, wich is less than 0,9 % revenues. Such a shame for a company that received from Finland Government a considerably amount of help, as well economical. This company thanks their country Finland, in this ways:

1st; Settling down part of their employment creation to other poor countries as Bulgaria.

2nd: Paying their human resources, (real creators of their wealth) in a miserable way.

3rd: Selling the company to China, in the middle of the European crisis.

Please, consider all this and judge by yourself.

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