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METER2CASH Solutions

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Google Map of PO Box 404, Nundah, 4012, Australia
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METER2CASH Solutions

Phone: 647 512 2017

PO Box 404
Nundah, Queensland 4012


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4 year ago
Is this a legit business????
Bill was overdue by 2 WEEKS!!! 2 emails sent one being the invoice and the other a reminder the day after the due date. No communication, no phone call, no text, no follow up email. Power turned off and no notice left at the door! This company wants you to forget so you pay the disconnection and connection bill totally ridiculous! Do not move into a property that tells you you have to sign up with these people. They are sharks beware!!!

Former customer
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5 year ago
Had to use these people due to the apartment in my building using them. And the end of my lease they sent me 3 different bills for the same period with 3 different amounts on it. When I called them they could not explain to me why and simply said I had to pay the most recent bill that was posted out. They also require a deposit which is so difficult to get back from them. Very poor customer service and I will never use them again and recommend to everyone not to move into properties which use this very unprofessional company.

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