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Brightleaf Technologies, Inc

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 , Yellow Jacket, 81401, United States
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Brightleaf Technologies, Inc Placing Power In Your Hands

Industry: Oil and Energy
Founded: 2009
Phone: 120 293 2687

121 Apollo Road
Yellow Jacket, Oregon 81401

United States

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Brightleaf Technologies, Inc Reviews

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Don Veritas
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2 year ago
Brightleaf Technologies was incorporated in 2010 in Montrose, CO. It claims rights to a solar capture product for electricity and heat that is 70% efficient. Its product uses concentrator photovoltaic technology which has been under development at corporate and government sponsored research facilities worldwide since the 1970's. It competes against several other startup organizations having products with similar claims.

Brightleaf Technologies Inc. marketed, manufactured, and sold its product under it's subsidiary Brightleaf Power; also established in 2010 in Montrose, CO. Operations at both entities were financed through a combination of private equity and debt. As of 2015, the company had installed systems using its product in Phoenix AZ, Kona HI, Montrose CO, and Cedaredge CO.

The companies filed for bankruptcy protection at the start of 2016 with over $10million in debt. A plan or reorganization under Chapter 11 of the federal code was initiated at the end of 2016, with new financing from Signal Lake Partners. In addition to reorganization fees and renegotiated creditor payments, a $2.7million payment was made to resolve construction and warranty claims. These claims covered the majority of the previously installed product base.

Following reorganization, a new entity named Carpe Solar was filed at the end of 2016 in Yorktown TX as a limited partnership between Brightleaf Technologies and Signal Lake. Since early 2017, a website for this new subsidiary has been marketing a scaled-up version of the earlier Brighleaf Power product. The 5-year reorganization plan for Brightleaf Technologies also identifies two company officers, each with annual compensation ranging $225-250thousand.

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