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Industry: Internet
Phone: 321 547 6113


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dont get scammed
United States
IP: ****:***:c**f:f***:c*f*:****:**bd:****...

12 month ago
get everything in writing! do not buy into their sales pitch

stay away from this company! they tell you anything to get you to sign up and get you in the door, and then they rip you off. Not only was the product not nearly capable of what they described, there are constant glitches. They slam you with hidden fees and say for website maintenance if you want anything outside their small realm that it will be $125/hour. on my sales call they had told me I could get a refund %100 if I was unhappy. After requesting a refund they said that there is no such thing as a full refund for being unhappy, and then dodged pulling the phone call to prove they promised this. their competitors are miles ahead of them. DO NOT LET THEM ROPE YOU IN WITH THIER SALES PITCH!

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