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XpoSolutions Transportation Need a Reliable Trade Show Shipping Company. XpoSolutions Will Handle Your Tradeshow Needs Quickly and Seamlessly. Call Now (866) 371-0007

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XpoSolutions Transportation Reviews

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Matthew N
United States
IP: **.***.**.17

8 month ago
We used XpoSolutions for the first time a few weeks ago. They had reached out to us with a competitive rate and Kaitlyn was friendly enough and assured us that we would get top notch service on shipping our show crate from New York to Chicago. All went smoothly with loading our crate onto the truck on the pick up date. One week later when we arrived at the show floor we found our crate in complete RUINS. We are talking a large wooden crate with heavy duty caster wheels that was basically demolished. 2 wheels were knocked clean off, the other 2 wheels were bent and cracked beyond recognition. There were holes throughout the crate, corners we banged in. Looks like the thing was rolled off a cliff.
In 30 years of business and plenty of experience in transporting, I have NEVER seen damage like this before, it almost looks intentional.
We were stuck there with a crate that could not be moved because it was sitting lopsided on the ground, we needed to pay the show floor operators a hefty sum to handle the crate for us the way it was. Over 20 cases of our product was damaged, product that we were going to be showing to potential customers the following day!
After contacting Kaitlyn at XpoSolutions and sending her photos, she checked the delivery paperwork and admitted that it was COMPLETELY their fault. We thought, ok great, at least they're taking responsibility.
Over $1500 of tangible damage, plus many hours of time we wasted to sort this whole ordeal out and lift the crate around.
The offer from XpoSolutions? $200. And they sent me a bill for the return shipping!
Needless to say, STAY AWAY FROM XPOSOLUTIONS! They will damage your goods, admit its their fault and leave you high and dry not taking any responsibility.

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