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North By Northwest Restaurant & Brewery

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Google Map of 10010 N Capital Of Texas Hwy,, Houston, 78759, United States
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North By Northwest Restaurant & Brewery

Industry: Food and Beverages
Phone: 255 743 3500

10010 N Capital Of Texas Hwy,
Houston, Texas 78759

United States

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North By Northwest Restaurant & Brewery Reviews

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Rachel B.
United States
IP: ***.***.***.89

4 year ago
Sat at the bar, first bar tender was attentive and kind. He left about 10 minutes after we arrived. The second bar tender completely ignored us. We sat with empty plates and glasses for 15 minutes. The service was awful. The food was worse. The tritip pizza was awful. The meat tasted old and gamey and it really ruined the dish. We would have sent it back if anyone had bothered to ask. The only upside was the overpriced beer. That was drinkable and the proper temperature. I really wish I had the patience to ask for a refund. We will probably never return. Seriously, Domino's is like dog shit, and I would have preferred it to this. Also, super noisy and full of trashy people with no teeth... Wtf? In circle c?!?

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