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Arrow Environmental Services Arrow Environmental Services has provided Florida with Pest Control solutions since 1958. We can help your home be pest free today. Call us at (877) 846-7261 Now!

Industry: Environmental Services
Founded: 1958
Phone: 769 377 5949

6225 Tower Lane
North St Paul, 34240

United States

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Arrow Environmental Services Reviews

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Emily Harris
United States
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3 year ago
I had Arrow for my lawn and shrubs at which time I expressed complaints to the technician and he said he would take care of it. The lawn continued to get worse and within 20 min. after an application there was a long hard downpour which I felt washed all of the application off and called tech. Never got an answer after 4 calls , called Arrow and was told someone would get back to me. Never happened. Grass got worse called Arrow again and told them I was going to cancel because of the horrible condition of my yard. I was told again someone would contact me, never happened. All the time I also had different diseases going on with my shrubs and lost 4 shrubs. The new tech said my yard was a mess, as even I knew to be true. The worst yard service I ever had.

thomas burkhardt
United States
IP: **.**.***.86

3 year ago
Arrow Services was paid for services NOT rendered. They came to my home, and did not do the whole house. They did not do a "clean-out" like they said. This is very important for effective pest management. They never called before coming out, They would just show up, no appointment set, nothing. and I have tried to resolve the issues with their service manger, Jerry, who, I have been told since has been fired, true or not, I don't know. As their representative made a mistake and the actual payment did not go through, they are demanding payment for this lousy, incomplete service. I live in a tiny mobile home, and was charged as much a a regular house. To this day I have not been able to resolve these issues with this company. They are also using Florida Pest Control's name, which I worked for at one time, and customer service was really good. Maybe they bought the name, I dont know. They sure don't provide the service. This applies to the service I had in Belleview, Fl.

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