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Nature Hills

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Nature Hills Americas number 1 online plant nursery offering trees, shrubs & plants. Click or call 1-888-864-7663. Largest selection online. Lowest prices guaranteed.

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Founded: 2001
Phone: 305 360 6390

Rensselaer, Nebraska

United States

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gayle buss
United States
IP: ***.***.***.67

4 year ago
By far, the lousiest, most dubious company I have ever dealt with in my 55 years - and I am a purchaser for the government, so I've dealt with many!!! It is to your advantage to look elsewhere for all your lawn and landscaping needs. But just don't take my word for this: check out the BBB, various reviews on various websites, etc to read other dissastisfied customer complaints. ..there are enough complaints to want to make you run (and I suggest run fast). I have filed complaints with the BBB, US Attorney, Federal Trade Commission, and the Nebraska States attorney. Seriously, go elsewhere. . .
Type in "Nature Hills Complaints" when searching for their website so you can see all the sites that have complaints. If you only type in Nature Hills, they have/own/rent/advertise so many different sites that you won't see the many sites that have complaints tied to them.

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