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High School Reunions (formerly Great Reunions)

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Google Map of PO Box 844859, Garden Grove, 90084, United States
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High School Reunions (formerly Great Reunions)

Industry: Events Services
Phone: 131 989 9871

PO Box 844859
Garden Grove, California 90084

United States

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High School Reunions (formerly Great Reunions) Reviews

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Cecilia Anne Tum
United States
IP: ***.**.***.242

4 year ago
My Credit Card information was stolen thanks to your company (Great Reunions) not having any security on your website for our Reunion.

The arrangements made were extremely poor by your staff. The Hotel food was horrendous and there was not enough food for everyone attending. The rates were not clearly established, therefore, as a result most of us paid extremely high rates.

The Bio Book should be redone or money should be refunded to each of us. I sent my picture in early and it was never published in the book.

I know for a fact you have received many of the same complaints from our classmates.

ID Badges were pieces of photo copies paper! Decorations were minimal and tacky.

We have all had to close credit card accounts and have new cards sent. This was a disaster all the way around.

We will make sure that your company never gets a chance to run another reunion!

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