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Google Map of 4334 Lemmon Ave,, Floresville, 75219, United States
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Industry: Restaurants
Phone: 831 542 1411

4334 Lemmon Ave,
Floresville, Texas 75219

United States

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Paul B.
United States
IP: ***.**.**.140

4 year ago
Alright here's the sitch..... I hate how much I love buzzbrews because it's never a good experience as far as service is concerned. That being said, I cannot stop going because I have to get the bluto omelette.

In the last two weeks I would imagine I've eaten here 5-6 times at least and I only go for the bluto.... each time my potatoes have been cold, people have been served before me who sat well after me (an omelette takes 4-5 minutes to make and I'm usually dining alone.... and there are usually 5 other tables) and something is usually forgotten. The servers are genuinely nice but I think there is a severe lack of direction elsewhere.

Last night, for example, I finally gave in and asked for them to please just throw my whole plate into the microwave as I had waited 30 minutes for my omelette and didn't want to wait another 30. my server apologized (same thing happened the night before that as well but I was brought more cold potatoes) and told me the manager would fix it. The manager came up to me and said "is this yours? she (the server) just pointed in this direction"..... how bout "hey I'm so sorry that your food was cold AGAIN and it won't happen again/how can i fix this?".... i'm not looking for a handout just an apology really.

Ok so, the service is crap. The bluto with their house made chorizo, thick cut bacon, jalapenos, onions and cheddar is actually one of if not the absolute best omelettes I've ever had in my life. The potatoes (when warm/hot) are wondeful and to top everything off they have chipotle tabasco sauce on every table.

I've yet to try their coffee but they make one hell of a mimosa. The pitcher is $25 and you can put the straw right in it!!!

I will certainly be back... it's actually that good that I will continue to put up with the shenanigans going on at buzzbrews so that I can taste the sobering spiciness of the almighty bluto!!!!

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