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Google Map of 99 South Main Street, Somerville, 02721, United States
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OCI Software AmbuPro EMS ePCR Software - the most powerful yet easy to use NEMSIS Gold ePCR software solution developed for serious EMS professionals. On-demand Product Tour, Free ePCR Buyer Guide, Live Chat, Schedule Web Demo today!

Industry: Computer Software
Founded: 1980
Phone: 165 878 8335

99 South Main Street
Somerville, Massachusetts 02721

United States

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United States
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3 year ago
Terrible upgrade to a previously sub-par system. What was once painful is now excruciating. One hour to muddle through non-responsive, un-user friendly fields is unacceptable. This is 2016. This EPCR system is a mockery of the software that we have in every other industry. Clunky, unintuitive and painfully slow. If you want your ambulances to spend MORE time at the hospitals, and your employees to be unhappy and frustrated, then by all means try out the new ambupro upgrade.

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