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 2nd floor, LeRoy, 11215, United States
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Sprint Media Design Web design company for affordable graphics design, brand promotion, logo design, social media optimization(SMO), search engine optimization in forest hills new york usa

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Founded: 1999
Phone: 366 768 6328

68, 12th street 2nd floor
LeRoy, New York 11215

United States

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United States
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6 year ago
Do not do business with SMD company thay wel lie to you and say in the forst 30 day they will optimize website fixing errors in your web site that is the forst thing you do to optimize. OK hear it's go im on my web page and all I see is thay didn't do anything to change any thay so when you call them thay doint no anything to help you all thay wel is scam!!!!! You and take your money and run!!!! Do not do business with SMD when you call them thay annoying calls I had to call my bank to get the money back 300 dollars I just weted to give them a chance to to prove thay are a good company.

A negative review I no its taks 3 mouths but the 30 day that doint even fix any errors in website from the forst day I told them whats happing.
They were Nearing the issue and any situation you have!!And will not retrun your phone calls i gave up for 2 weeks trying !!

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