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Industry: Health, Wellness and Fitness
Founded: 2001
Phone: 184 365 7287

Essex Fells,

United States

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becky dunham
United States
IP: ***.***.***.125

2 week ago
This is a scam! They have got 45.55 already from me in which I will never see again. I've had to get another credit card and NEVER will I EVER buy ANYTHING on line again. Always look to see if there is a legit address, web page, phone number, before you buy. There are to many scammers out in this world who love to prey on people, for as much as they can get away with. We need to STOP it once and for all. Go the law enforcement and complain, tell your credit card service so they can STOP the unlawful charges,

United States
IP: **.*.***.193

2 month ago
They scammed my wife for 38.60 twice before I noticed and could not get my money back. The cheap locket chain left black marks on my wifes neck so even the first 38.60 was a scam. Avoid this company. I will continue to investigate to find out where they are. So it looks like they are at
1404 State Road Suite 206
Pleasant Grove, UT
You can contact the company by phone at 801-901-3022. I will be passing through there next year. I love the smug fake smile on her facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/oilganic/about/?ref=page_internal People shouldnt be able to scam people like this, fine print or not. It's theft plain and simple.

Theresa Benton
United States
IP: **.***.***.195

5 month ago
I have been leaving multiple messages with this company as the line with service representatives is always busy and they have not returned my calls. It's a scam, folks. I am being charged $38.60 a month for the past few months for their so called "free offer" for necklace and a couple essential oils with the understanding that i would pay the shipping and handling and I am irate over this!! My bank and attorney will take care of this problem and it seems like my review has to have 500 letters to be accepted.

Barbara Westbroo
United States
IP: **.**.***.241

6 month ago
Use the tactic of cheap sale for product, with fine print that later they charge your account over $35.00 for the privilege of joining their club, which has no further benefits. They will cancel said membership but will not refund money. Beware!!!! I never even saw the fine print. Research has shown they charge monthly also. I have to cancel my checking account to stop them. Contacted them day of charge, day after charge, all they said was no. No refund. They have no idea of customer service and actually to do this type of business shows they do not care about the customer.

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