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Harlands Group Harlands Group provide Direct Debit collection, online Direct Debit, administration, management and debt recovery services.

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Industry: Accounting
Phone: 567 432 5604

Rudgwick, West Sussex

United Kingdom

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Harlands Group Reviews

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United Kingdom
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3 year ago
This company is rubbish at communicating. I have emailed, sent a fax and phoned to ask if they would waver my DD charge of £25 as I'm a student!! I am new to this and they have charged £25 for a £25 gym fee. Extortion!!! Rude and arrogant springs to mind.

Lisa Hogarth
United Kingdom
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4 year ago
Worst company EVER!!!!!

I contacted harlands as I'm pregnant and wanted to freeze my gym account. The person who dealt with the call put no notes on my file that I had called, he advised me to send proof of pregnancy so I sent my matb1 form but he'd given me the wrong email address. Since then harlands have tried to charge me an additional £20 and claim I haven't been in touch. Every time I ring to sort this out, no one answers!! Does anyone work in the offices there??? I'm on hold for hours then get asked my automated voice 'please enter your membership number and press hash' which I do, then as soon as I press hash it asks again for me to put membership number in and press hash, so I do this another 10 times before hanging up, I don't want to waste my days getting through to this rubbish company, please sack everyone and fold this useless company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Worst customer experience ever

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