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Well Done Cooking Classes

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Google Map of 2811 Airline Drive, Houston, 77009, United States
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Well Done Cooking Classes Well Done offers hands-on cooking classes in Houston, Texas for beginners and more advanced cooks and food enthusiasts.

Industry: Education Management
Founded: 2009
Phone: 832-782-3518

2811 Airline Drive
Houston, Texas 77009

United States

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Well Done Cooking Classes Reviews

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United States
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3 year ago
The class itself was great. Went with a work group of girls and very much enjoyed the experience. The food that we cooked turned out great. So all in all a good experience. Until the very end of the evening. We brought our wine (we ubered there and home) and ran out while cooking, so ordered a couple of bottles to have with our meal. At some point we must have aggravated our instructor because when she handed us our bottle the word CU** (you fill in the rest) was written in sharpie down the side of the label on the bottle

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