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London School of Energy Studies

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Google Map of Ash House, Fairfield Avenue
 Staines, 20 Soho square, TW18 4AB, United Kingdom
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London School of Energy Studies

Founded: 2011
Phone: 708 444 6032

Ash House, Fairfield Avenue Staines
20 Soho square, Greater London TW18 4AB

United Kingdom

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6 year ago
I am a former student and this is the worst quality low grade institute with no contacts in industry. Mr. Alex can only talk and pretend to be good and make you fool with all kinds of buttry talks.Mr Harish Pillai pretend to be very rude and also does not have contacts. He behaves rudely so that no body can ask him questions. They are only doing marketing on fb which is totally wrong . some students got job with own contacts and some from own contacts. There is also no value of their certificate because I have used it. They keep on saying whole year about companies and in the year nothing would be there and they will try to send you to your home in the last month of the course. I have wasted my money and 1.5 year waiting for them because Mr Alex will always tell you new but madeup things and you will keep on waiting. After long wait I decided to go for my self and trying to get job. Don't believe them of getting big CTC job in UAE after the course this all is fraud and the best thing no company wants their certficate. So, make good contacts if you want to enter in petroleum fields, the only way.

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