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Envera Systems

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Google Map of 7280 W Palmetto Park Rd, Suite 306
 , Winter Park, 33433, United States
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Envera Systems

Founded: 1999
Phone: 472 771 5376

7280 W Palmetto Park Rd, Suite 306
Winter Park, Florida 33433

United States

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Jerry Parker
United States
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2 year ago
Our HOA has had gate security guards and windshield transponders to open resident gate for several years. I had no problems with my many cars and two motorcycles. I permanently mounted Lexan in handlebar mounts for two bikes that tilt up and down to locate signal. The day Envera took over they moved the equipment and raised the signal transmit/receiver so much that no matter how I approach the gate, rotate handlebar or even tilt the decal the gate will not open. I have to back out (motorcycles don't have reverse gear) and change lanes and enter my driver license. Try that with gloves on. Our old system was far better and calibrated so that my tallest truck, lowest sports car and all my motorcycles (42 inch height at bars) all worked. Envera rep said the HOA adjusted the transmit/receive unit and the HOA says Envera rep should call and help adjust.. the signal. Meanwhile I use the construction gate.......Disgusted.

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