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Core Orthopedics CORE Orthopedics Avera Medical Group specializes in providing orthopedic surgery and complete orthopedic care to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and the surrounding areas.

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Industry: Medical Practice
Phone: 220 336 8591

2908 E 26th St # 200,
Laneville, SD

United States

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Core Orthopedics Reviews

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Lawrence L Reece
United States
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2 year ago
I had an ankle replacement in 2004 by Dr. Franklin Alvine. It was very successful. Now, 13 years later I'm experiencing real pain in the replacement ankle and I'm now 79 years old and very concerned. I called and talked to Tiffany, Dr. Gregory Alvine's nurse. I explained my problem and was told that the doctor was out of town until Monday but to get current x-rays and CT scan while waiting for his return call.
The very day that he returned to his office he called me in the afternoon and that blew me away! I can't remember the last time a doctor called me!He asked me to send my X-rays and a CT scan.
A week later Dr. Alvine again called and we talked about my options. The net results of our conversations were that he was concerned about my age, the cost for me to fly to South Dakota, and then perhaps he might not be able to help me. He researched and gave me the name of Dr. Lian in Sacramento, CA who could help me and was only 3 hours drive away. He also sent Dr. Lian my X-rays and CT scan. We met with Dr.Lian, and since my pain level at that time was not severe he suggested I wait until I was sure I wanted to go through another operation.
I've never had such a pleasant experience with a doctor and his staff .as I've had with Dr. Alvine. He did not know me from a load of wood and yet he treated me like I was family. My wife and I cannot thank him and his staff enough. Lawrence Reece

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