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Bargain Business Plan, Inc.

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 , Eclectic, 91604, United States
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Bargain Business Plan, Inc. Bargain Business Plan provides Business Plan Writing Services to those who need a business plan. Our business plan writers can create a high quality businss plan for only $449.99.

Founded: 2009
Phone: 207 474 8011

12400 Ventura Blvd Suite 658
Eclectic, Louisiana 91604

United States

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Salina M.
United States
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6 year ago
I had a great experience working with Bargain Business Plan. I live in Texas, so at first I was concerned about working with a company all the way out in California. But working with them was awesome, and I'd definitely recommend them!

They sent me the plan on time, and did great research on my industry (restaurant business). After getting my first draft, I had a few changes that I wanted them to make. They projected getting those changes done within 3 days, but got a revised draft to me immediately and even made additional suggestions. I worked primarily with Shawn, and when he was out, someone else stepped in and responded to all of my questions right away. Not only did Bargain Business Plan prepare an excellent and thorough business plan for me, they helped me develop my business idea and make a solid plan for myself. Their expertise was very valuable and absolutely worth the amount I paid to buy the plan. I ended up purchasing a logo from them because I knew they’d give me quality work.

Tim Lutz
United States
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6 year ago
It took over 4 months to receive my business plan. This is only after countless phone calls, emails, and doing a lot of the market and industry research myself. To be fair, I did need to take 2 weeks to consult with a few advisers to get their feedback about what was already written. Shawn is full of excuses, personal emergencies, and just plain lies. He told me that management agreed to give me a 10% discount because he feels they did not deliver a complete business plan in a timely manner. Management!? Shawn is the owner! He plays good cop bad cop and constantly puts the blame on other (non-existent) members of his team.

Be prepared for 7-10 day turnarounds for very minor text changes, revisions that revert back to previous copies, many corrections not done or even remembered. Shawn is highly unorganized, very forgetful, and does not pay attention to details. He does everything piecemeal to pacify you and stall for time.

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