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Google Map of 492 St Kilda Raod, Melbourne, 3000, Australia
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Guymer Lynnch

Founded: 2010
Phone: 811 596 1319

492 St Kilda Raod
Melbourne, Victoria 3000


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Not Human
IP: ***.**.**.30

3 year ago
A VICTORIAN builder has left families with half-finished homes and potentially thousands of dollars out of pocket after placing his company into liquidation.

Is this the attention you wanted Shane Guymer .You will go to your grave knowing that as long as there is social media. We will be watching and making sure this will never happen again to any Victorian home owner.
so just clime under a rock. Good role model for your kids. How to make money and not needing to pay or complete works just go under every time kids

Another victim
IP: ***.***.***.22

3 year ago
Emotionally and financially ruined because of Shane Guymer. Apparently it is never his fault. In his statement at the liquidators meeting, the reason for his fall is because of all these negative reviews being written here.

Bad built is because of bad plans, untrustworthy tradies (whom he hasn't paid), bad staff, etc.
Him not answering calls or emails is because clients are stressing him out and causing his personal life problems.

He will never allow you to have independent inspectors on site. He will invoice you before work is completed - that is when you will hear from him daily.

Finally some recognition of the pain we have all gone through

IP: ***.***.**.34

3 year ago
Shane Guymer is a Phoenix. He will rise from the ashes and before you have all tried to put your lives back together he would've started another company and ready to rip more unsuspecting people off again. He has done it before with his previous company Mode 3 that also went into liquidation but not before he left a lot of people high and dry. He is a repeat offender. I hope someone at The VBA sits up and takes notice. He should go to jail. I'd love to see him share a cell with a big a angry bikie that likes to be called Bubba. Then he'll get his just deserts!!!!!

IP: ***.**.**.226

3 year ago
He has liquidated as of feb 14 2017., I have had confirmation.

I know of some tradies that are owed over $100k. Some have outstanding invoices from June 2016. Some guys were getting drip fed some of their money, last known payment he did was at Christmas time, where he paid $13k of a $20k bill.

I'd hate to know how much he owed suppliers.

I worked for Guymer for about 18 months, was told he would be weeding out all of the bad trades and then things would start to move smoothly. Things just got worse and worse.

At the beginning payment of invoices was within 2 weeks. Then it slowly dragged out to 3 and then 4 weeks. That's when I stopped working for them.

Not sure where to go from here and what will happen to unpaid invoices and unfinished houses.

Elizabeth Campbe
IP: ***.**.***.142

3 year ago
A greater bunch of shysters and incompetent malcontents I have never come across. How this group is able to maintain a building licence is beyond me. They don't pay their sub-contractors, who then will not turn up to remedy faulty work. They do not answer immediate demands for action, hell, they do not even recognise you at all! This is a business that should not be allowed to exist! Guymer Lynnch failed to even ensure fixed telephone connection to the property, and also failed to commission the ducted heating system... the subby for which refuses to attend to as they are owed money by Guymer Lynnch.

Taken for a ride
IP: ***.***.***.224

3 year ago
I am so disappointed in the way we have all been treated, trades, customers. This is the biggest rip off from someone that is a smooth talker. Can't face the responsibility of what you have done Shane Guymer, destroyed so many peoples lives. Taken everyone for a ride. You are a thief, I don't know how you sleep at night. The Karma Train is full steam ahead and is going to get you, this is what you deserve. How dare you treat innocent people like this.
I'm sure everyone that has written on this review will love to see you get your just desserts. Bring it ON!!!!!!!!!!

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