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Stanford Allen Chevrolet

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Google Map of 15180 South Dixie Hwy., Brownstown Twp, 48161, United States
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Stanford Allen Chevrolet

Industry: Automotive
Phone: 355 208 9268

15180 South Dixie Hwy.
Brownstown Twp, Michigan 48161

United States

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Stanford Allen Chevrolet Reviews

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Jason W.
United States
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3 year ago
I took my vehicle here to have it serviced on a Monday. They were busy so they told me to bring it back at 8am the next day. The next day I got a rental car, then dropped my truck off. After waiting all day long, I called them at 4:45 (they close at 5) to see what was going on with my vehicle. I was told they just started the diagnostics, and they need to keep it over night. The next day I rented a vehicle again, and got a call from them at noon saying that the mechanic that was working on my vehicle is working on someone elses and they don't know if they will get it diagnosed that day. NOT happy. I told them I can't afford to keep renting vehicles and I picked my vehicle back up. There was no charge and no paperwork given. Just a tag on my keychain that said "no RO". After leaving the lot, I immediately noticed my vehicle driving different. I do not know what was done to it yet, but it will be investigated. I trusted them with my vehicle, and with my safety. I straight up feel betrayed.

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