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David MacDonald-Hockey Family Advisor

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David MacDonald-Hockey Family Advisor

Industry: Individual and Family Services
Founded: 2007
Phone: 1-866-577-1234

612 Windmill Road
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia B3B 1B5


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David MacDonald-Hockey Family Advisor Reviews

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Also Scammed
United States
IP: **.*.**.94

3 month ago
Please do not use David MacDonald as a hockey advisor. He will do nothing for your child. He takes your money and does nothing for you. Stay away!
I too was told it's a "process". He will never let you know who he has talked to as far as teams or schools. The reason he does this is because he really doesn't talk to anyone! He will not promote your child. He talks a big game, but is not doing any work. He tells you one thing and then doesn't back it up or says your kid really isn't good enough. This guy should be in jail. He is a smooth talker. Do not be persuaded, don't walk away, RUN! I can't believe he is still in business.

J. MacKay
IP: ***.**.**.54

4 month ago
Has anyone received a refund from the Atlantic Combine that was to be held in Dartmouth, N.S June 21 - 24 but that David MacDonald cancelled 2 weeks prior to it?
We have received nothing and all emails to him are never replied to.

The above is all i wanted to write, but apparently my review was too short and needs to be 500 characters! Never had a 'too short' post rejected before.
Here goes:

His reasons for cancelling were due to too many players missing the even on Thurs & Fri for exams. He said he would refund participants.

We gave him a window until we started contacting him, about a 2 weeks. All emails to him have never been replied to.

Our son did the Combine in 2017 and all was well and ran 2 years previous it. There was no red flags.

Hope we get our money back. Would like to know if anyone else has.

D Landry
IP: **.***.***.243

4 month ago
I have known David Macdonald for more than thirty years.

David has shown over the years a complete lack of interest in the truth, integrity and business ethics.

To do business with David is understanding that at some point he will sacrifice your interests to further his own.

Time and time again David has left a trail of damage and financial distress.

Ask yourself this one question of David has he ever provided a business reference and why not.

David does not keep office hours to avoid confrontation from his detractors. If you choose to give him money realize that there is a good chance you will get nothing for it or get it back.

Buyer Beware

Roger Gosse
IP: ***.***.***.79

4 month ago
I feel compelled to write this note, after reviewing some previous comments.

I have known David for about 15 year, having first met him at the rink and I have always known him as a man of the highest integrity. Our sons have played together and against one another. We have always had a very pleasant relationship, as casual acquaintances.

During the past 4-5 years, I have also come to know David as a businessman.

As a musical entertainer, I was hired by a restaurant operated by Harold Mackay and his wife. David was a silent partner in that business and had invested a large amount of money into that operation.

A few years ago, David determined that the MacKays were not operating the business properly, David and the other investors intervened, and "called a spade a spade", and that is the reason why Harold Mackay has written this reviews that he has written on this site.

He is simply being mean and trying to hurt David's excellent reputation.

As a musician, who was very vulnerable to the Mackay method of operating that restaurant, I know that David ensured that we were paid out of his own personal pocket, to ensure that I was not injured, by the unscrupulous Mackay Family.

David has operated his hockey advisory business during the entire time that I have known him, and is regarded as a true gentleman, and professional.

David has also been involved in as number of business ventures as an investor and neither he, nor any of his past business ventures have every filed for bankruptcy, as claimed by Harold Mackay in his posts on this site

David is a "straight shooter", and a "top-shelf type of Guy", and has been successful in his chosen professional career.

More important, being aware of some of David's past clients, they have been very successful at achieving their academic and athletic dreams under David's careful guidance.

I have no hesitation , whatsoever, in recommending David MacDonald to you.

Paul Spellman
United States
IP: ****:***:*:fcb*:****:****:eac*:***a...

7 month ago
As a hockey enthusiast and as potential investor and sponsor, I was involved in the discussion regarding the Lewiston Junior “A” hockey project that Mr. Ryerson speaks. His description of how David MacDonald attempted to introduce a Canadian Junior “A” hockey franchise to the Lewiston marketplace is not accurate.
David fronted all the expenses of this project, and he absorbed all of the costs associated with his idea of bringing junior A hockey to Lewiston. The citizens were very excited by his bold initiative.
The plan that had been introduced by David to our town, was to involve just three shareholders, and I was to likely be one of them. The only commitment that David was looking for from the local citizens was for season ticket sales, and fan support for the hometown team.
The reason the project did not proceed, was because Hockey Canada and USA Hockey could not agree, upon the procedure necessary for the relocation of a Canadian Junior “A” team to the United States. It was not because of the reasons that Mr. Ryerson states.
My personal belief is that Mr. Ryerson was not a local citizen, He does not even spell the name of his hometown correctly (Lewiston, Maine), but rather someone who is up to mischief, and no good.”

H MacKay
IP: **.***.**.205

7 month ago
David Macdonald presents himself as being a responsible ethical business, however his actions suggest that his pedigree is less than honest..

Myth number one: David Macdonald has never played, or coached hockey at any time. He did manage to run a Junior A team in Halifax and was asked to leave his position.

David Macdonald leads people to believe he was going to finance a team in Maine, when in reality he invested nothing and left behind bankruptcy and debt.

Myth Number Two: David Macdonald was a successful business person when in fact he has bankrupted or closed several businesses including: Downeast Beer Factory, King Edward Inn, Natural Elements and ICI Lease Experts

Myth number three: David is a fair minded honest person. David Macdonald by his own admission submitted articles detailing his malfeasance to Tim Bousquet at the Halifax Examiner.

If you trust this individual history shows you may be disappointed. Do your due diligence all these items are a matter of record.

Save yourself the drama and find someone else.

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