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Champion Roofing Co Inc

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Champion Roofing Co Inc

Industry: Construction
Phone: 458 106 5828

219 William St,
New Bremen, Washington 60106

United States

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Champion Roofing Co Inc Reviews

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Paul P.
United States
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5 year ago
I had a durable roof with some small leaks of unknown etiology. Champion Roofing gave me a two quotes; one to caulk in the expectation that a thorough caulking job would fix the leaks and a second for caulking plus a replacement roof.

I opted for the caulk and paid $650 for the job. Leaks continued unabated. I then asked for the roof replacement and requested that the $650 I had paid be applied. I thought this made sense since the quote was for caulking plus roof and the caulking had already been done and paid for. Champion only allowed a $350 credit toward the $6500 roof replacement cost.

I accepted their terms and they replaced the roof. The new material was not nearly as tough and durable as what was replace. This roof is a walkway and deck area between two apartments so it must stand up to foot traffic and other light usage. During the first rain after replacement, the roof leak as bad or worse than it had ever before. Since the work was, of course, warranted I asked Champion to come out and fix the leaks. They did come and go some patching of what they claimed was damage caused by the tenants. Perhaps this was the case, but the tenants had not done anything unusual or anything they hadn't done without a problem on the old roof. Champion is charging me $550 for this repair, denying that the warranty covered it.

The leaks did not stop after this repair and Champion is refusing to come out to fix the problem.

There had been a wood deck over part of the roof. It had been there for years without causing any problems with the old roof. The new roof was too flimsy for the deck I was obligated to buy and install an additional layer of roofing material so that I could put the deck back down.

In addition, they melted some of the vinyl siding during the installation and they left a couple of sheets of old roof plywood at the job site. Two more calls were required to get these problems taken care of.

The tenant and her young daughter, who were home during the roof installation, were appalled by the loud, foul language and the abusive treatment of the crew by the supervisor.

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