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Google Map of 2951 Marina Bay Drive, League City, 77573, United States
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Industry: Information Technology and Services
Founded: 2011
Phone: (855) 879-7927

2951 Marina Bay Drive
League City, Texas 77573

United States

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United States
IP: **.***.***.13

7 month ago
Chartswap is by far the worst IDEA EVER!! They do not understand what HIPAA regulations and request all this additional information when its not required!! They take for ever to respond!! When you ask questions in regards to the bills/ Records they can never answer your question HORRIBLE!! The medical providers using this company really need to think about using them!! you ARE better off contacting the provider directly because the people answering back do not have a clue what THEY ARE DOING!!!!!

Loretta Hancock
United States
IP: **.**.**.96

9 month ago
PosiGen Solar, do not allow these idiots anywhere near your property to do an install of Sola Panels they came and destroyed the roof ridge and caused my roof to leak and when I finally was able to talk to the manager after talking to someone named Steve. He did not have any knowledge of roofing. I had the Roof repairman come he took a look and right away he could see what happened and he repaired it do to the weather. When Steve finally came out he states it was my gutters that cause it by this time I sent pictures before work was done and had the Roofer send them a copy of the bill. I requested they come out and talk to the roofer so he could show them what happened this guy now change his story to that it was the pipe from the bathroom and that the other was from something else. The Roofer tried twice to explain this to him but he refused to take responsibility for the damage the foreigners did when they install the system Steve was not present at install. This has been a nightmare for me. I would not recommend this company to anyone. NOT EVEN MY ENEMY.

United States
IP: **.**.**.82

10 month ago
I agree with both of the previous reviews. I also work for a law firm. ChartSwap's website is bulky and counter-intuitive. And no, they wouldn't recognize a HIPAA which comports with federal law if it bit them in the nose. It truly does take a month to fulfill a request. I have waited as long as 3 months to have a request fulfilled correctly. I wish the medical providers who contract with ChartSwap cared about their patients enough to ditch this company. I despise having to use them because they are frustrating at every level.

tom at wydd
United States
IP: **.***.***.169

12 month ago
these people are idiots, they employ barely literate robots who do not understand hipaa compliance in the least bit. the turn around time is forever for a billing statement request, its expensive, and worst yet is when they screw up (and they will, it is only a matter of time) you cannot call and speak to a person on the phone.

bortolazzo group and a lot of the physican billing offices use these jerks as their records custodians. its a horrible practice, secretary of state and others should really go ahead and kill this 3rd party records custodian nonsense

Karen P
United States
IP: **.**.**.11

3 year ago
I work for a law firm. For the providers that use chartswap, I am required to upload a HIPAA authorization via Chartswap prior to being able to discuss the account with the provider. While I understand that getting records might take time (although the Evidence Code provides that records should be made available within 5 days), it CONSISTENTLY takes Chartswap an entire month simply to upload an authorization to discuss the account. These dilatory practices cause accounts to be sent to collection, damaging individuals' credit, because we are unable to even provide insurance billing information.

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