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Johany Roman Enterprises

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 , West Nyack, , United States
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Johany Roman Enterprises

Industry: Fundraising
Founded: 2007
Phone: 383 257 7195

West Nyack,

United States

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Johany Roman Enterprises Reviews

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United States
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12 month ago
Lets start with saying that this is a fraudulent scam the company phishes for business owners to scam on. the so called owner Joe AKA Johany has led me to believe Joe AKA Johany as much a thief as Bernie Madoff.

"Avoid this loser Mr Johany, as if he is Ebola on wheels."

He has screwed over many unsuspected business owners. same theme he makes unfilled comittments provides samples of work he or his so called employees have not done. He hides behind a wall of lies and deceit.

I am taking the time as a advocate for all of the Business owner. Especially Latino and American.

Oh he claims to be of a religious nature he's selling "SNAKE OIL"
And if your a woman and you attend his scam of a church watch out he will prey on you and your kids he's a sick thug

We need to return to a day when we let others know of these losers and we change laws that deny us the right to know this guy Johany Roman doesn't have the right to own a business. He doesn't even have the rights to the work hes lied and said is his. Let alone work where people need to trust others he belongs back in the penal system shame on The State of Florida for allowing this thief to roam and prey on others.

( the Domain www.johanyroman.com is a warning from another victim, "I'm only upset someone beat me to it. But Thanks to the person who did it").

This message is to Johany. You better settle things with the business owners you ripped off cause your day of reckoning is coming. And I foe one will sign the police PCA to have you incarcerated Phishing for peoples information to commit theft is still illegal.

anyone is free to join me in a cause of action to remove him from any online business as he doesn't deserve the right to rip people off.

email me at [email protected] together we can rid the web of these scammers

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